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Role & Responsibility:

This is a high-intensity role, with high growth potential, that encompasses building the supply chain and warehousing solutions vertical to a new level.

Key features of the role include:

– Client Acquisition: You will be expected to understand target clients & create a business development pipeline of suitable clients (to whom we can acquire, build a pipeline of those clients).

– Critical Thinker: You will be liable to develop a comprehensive business plan strategy to acquire these clients in a time-bound manner.

– Solution Designing: You will be liable to create financially viable models for these target clients, either based on itemized or fixed fee basis model or percentage (of revenue) basis. Understand client requirements & design a suitable solution that is commercially feasible for the client.

– Good Communicator: You will be expected to understand the client’s infrastructure requirements & work with the client’s senior leadership team to ensure the client’s requirements on the infrastructure side are well understood & accordingly catered with.

– Deal Closure: You will be liable for closing the deal with the client.

– Tech Savvy: You will be expected to understand the technology solutions offered & bundle the same along with the warehousing solutions in front of the client as per their requirement.

Ideal Candidate:

– Business Development: The candidate should have a leadership standing in the warehousing and supply chain domain and should be able to attract and engage enterprises and digital-native companies (companies that use online channels as their primary/first sales channel) seeking the warehousing and fulfillment capability.

– Warehousing Industry relationships: The candidate should be able to work with 3PL/4PL/5PL companies to share their spare warehousing space for further leasing to the enterprises/digital native companies in the need of additional warehousing space.

– Strong know-how of Omni-Channel Fulfilment: Candidate should have a deep understanding of B2B and B2C distribution channels as well as online and offline distribution channels.

– Team Building: The candidate should be able to build and lead a highly competent team of senior-middle level and middle-level professionals.

Industry Experience:

– Minimum 3-20 years of experience in supply chain and commercial warehousing operations with:

– Some previous experience of solution designing (preparing customer-specific quotations).

– Minimum 3 years of experience in Business Development.

– Experience with any start-up will be counted as an additional plus point.

** People only from 3PL Industry Apply**

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